Charged Water

  • 1 gallon distilled water (reverse osmosis, if possible)

    Charged water in a glass container

  • 8-15 drops seawater (from the ocean!), or a pinch
  • Celtic sea salt (sun-dried ocean water)
  • 1 or 2 quartz crystals, 3 inches long, or longer
  • magnets

Combine all into a gallon glass jar and cover with a lid. Give the water a good spin to the right and place in a cool place out of direct sunlight, the darker the better. Store in kitchen at room temperature. Use for all water needs, i.e. drinking, recipes, herbal remedies, enemas, etc. If you live inland you can buy seawater at your health food store, or use a pinch of Celtic sea salt (sun dried ocean water) to re-mineralize your distilled, or reverse osmosis water. Always store charged water in glass when possible, to avoid the out-gassing of plastic, which permeates water.

Highly Alkaline Water

Make your charged water more alkaline. The ideal is to purchase a micro-water unit, coral calcium bags or use a product to Alkalinize.


This water, as well as rainwater, coconut water and water found in fruit is free of all ground

Sun dried sea salt for remineralization

minerals and sodium and is pure and clean tasting. Ground minerals tax organs, like the liver and the kidneys. Drinking charged water takes much of the workload off the liver by reducing the amount of minerals for the liver to filter. We add seawater to repatriate the distilled water with an organic source of minerals and trace minerals. Minerals from seawater are far superior to land sources. This water is easy to assimilate.


Adding crystals to charged water enhances the energetic frequency of the water.


Place a water jar on magnets – any gauss will work. The north side of magnets reduces bacteria and further structures the water. In the same way that magnet therapy reduces inflammation and lowers bacteria counts by placing magnets on the body (north side to body), placing magents near water make the molecules smaller and more integral. This makes the charged water wetter and more easily absorbed by body cells.



This is taken from Lifefood Recipe Book by Dr David Jubb and Annie Jubb

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