Space HitchHiking Lifecolloid Part 5

Space Hitch-hiking Lifecolloid Part 5: Black Holes and Consciousness

Biophotonic Light

Dr. David Jubb
28 September 2011
Marrakesh, Morocco

The first sense to form on earth in embryology in life is the vestibular system. It is complete in the ectoderm stage before any other senses form. The vestibular system is an endolymphatic gravetic inertia governor to know what is up, down, forward, back, turning and side.

Energy and mass is continuously being recycled by your body both sub-atomically and also macro-atomically. Single atoms resemble colloid of life as also a planet, star and galaxy; elementary particle is created and annihilated though phase conjugation. Hydrogen is created and annihilated by super massive black hole; and quasar in the center of our galaxy, and also in the interior of your body. Inside you gravity exists; expressed as love; as graviton and gravity waves are the source of infinite gravity.

Very tiny pin prick portals in the fabric of graded cosmic energy exist and counterbalance the gravity pull of heavenly bodies. These little black holes are formed in the plasma vortex a red blood corpuscle incurs in the heart percussion via the radiation of biophotonic energy; and also elementary particles; that transform by the hearts percussed compression; photon, proton and electron.

The gravity mass of the black hole created in the heart chamber is contributed to by the compressed remnant or residuum of what is left over after phase conjugation. Energy deflection binds quark and lepton; and electron and proton are born which leads to hydrogen. As life collapses hydrogen; its energy is expelled by these gravity holes and hydrogen is created again.

The law of attraction; spin; flavour; and fragrance; best describes the subatomic world. You can consider the universe, a star and even a galaxy is microscopic. Your body is composed of lifecolloid as biophotonic building blocks; as primarily double spore yet even an entire galaxy is also made up of elementary and atomic particles. All are little whirlpools and bubbles in ether of cosmic energy that is grounded down into this third dimension; that comes from tachyon energy or negative time. What happened billions of years ago can have an impact only now; timelessly.

It is a fact that what is solid does not exist; yet all is a composite of what is absolute and infinite. What is solid is very temporary; compared to that which is inside you. You know you are this timelessly. And consciousness is an interaction of elementary particle and biophotogravetic electric effect.

The body is composed of matter itself an elementary particle called boson; quark and lepton. Two quarks are a hadron (neutron and proton) and electron is made of lepton. Boson mediates weak nuclear force in which lepton and quark interact. Space exists in all and is never ending inwardly and outwardly to eternity; and this is you who is forever eternal and who is nameless.

A quark and lepton in lifecolloid interact through biophotogravetic effect. Quanta is of all energy beyond a biophoton; a biophoton is very dependent on a specific characteristic frequency. A biophoton and quanta have universal qualities that are both solid; but not. Your body and a lifecolloid are made up of what you are not; and your body and its lifecolloid double spore building block is not what it is.

You can have a very deep insight into the nature of what you are in the infinite state through how quanta and biophoton interact. You cannot be of single focus and also know your whole overall movement.

Information about your whole momentum is kept as your mind is asleep. Being awake and being asleep don’t know each other. No precise state or location exists; except for emptiness. As your body moves from one location to another you are without any specific location or state except for emptiness which is I; and of Am that is the body, who is caring.

Between the interactions of these words a biophotonic gravetic effect exists as I, of you, who is infinite and absolute.

Am is the body, who is caring about the world; as all flowing inside self. Nothing is totally equal and/or opposite. Am, your body is what is left over after all is cancelled out of thinking. Passages exist within infinite space of dimension to a very deep inner world of negative time beyond biophoton. Beyond knowing is a single action achieving multiple aims. You do this via multiple dimensions existing beyond what you feel; hear and see. Another side exists exactly 50% beyond infinity of: little and large pin pricks in the fabric of space; that are portals of energy that is bursting forward and is also being sucked back into nothing of a timelessness.

Gravity is modulated by graviton and acts over a very large distance instantly. A Jubb second is 1046 /second; this is the time taken to be connected to Alcyone in the Peleides star group by a gravity wave. It is a hole sink or waterfall in space. These mini black holes form within space; especially in your upper and lower heart chamber in blood that is percussed. Suction is more powerful than compression and generates tremendous love or falling inwardness.

Life has levity and is instantly heavier as one’s lifeforce other than remained. An infinitely small hole in the fabric of space of your body causes a biophotonic corona discharge from the lifecolloid; its mass compressed smaller than its circumference. This generates tremendous gravity and/or antigravity. Anions spin inward to the left and go up.  Cation spin to the right and is down and out graveticly.

Perfect phase conjugation (math of square and nine); where equal and opposite uniting creates extremely small residuum (holes in space), so small gravity become powerful.

Any mass shrunk; causes gravity to fall into a black hole. For instance in behavior countenance creates spite; to shrink your mass, and pity; gets rid of spite. The forces as quanta and biophoton become incredibly behaviourally powerful; gravity causes no light to be between us. All gross matter disappears and behaviourally imploding; liberating consciousness. What is left behind is your concentrated love of self. At this level you can be blown like the wind at the heart level only.

Perfect detachment for a lifecolloid is balance. Half of itself eternal and empty; exactly matching; a sustained care for life itself; where even the moon; and sun are organs of this body. What flows through at 10-46 the radius of a single hydrogen proton of what’s visible is a large surface area connecting you through love as graviton with Alcyone in the Peleides. Light is very, very much slower, yet one graviton wave in that time carries all holigraphically throughout space to be a non local phenomena and strange attractor; or fluffy magnet drawing you forward.

A proton and electron/photon compressed is stripped of its charge. A human can have been programmed by forced ritualized learning to reject or accept psychic attack. Loss of biophotonic charge by a lifecolloid leaves behind gravity in its wake to fall into a black hole causing aggregated collapse to no anti gravity; nor negative time (negentropy). An immune cell observed to have engulfed a piece of toast in the blood by phagocytosis; can be seen to spit it out and eject itself; it is in bioterrain other than fully suitable for its own self to survive.

In your wake it is not easy to also have entered a black hole. Yet you are in a balanced state exactly fifty percent is empty; and of nothing balancing something (caring). You go beyond being a frozen snap shot or crazy movies, to stillness over momentum; silence over things said; and transparency over things to show or be seen.

It is you, love inside; your body just doesn’t become a black hole; yet balanced love as gravity holds your body together; holds your family and society together; lifecolloid in symbiosis.

Energy lost in grief can have caused body loss as well. Grief is the integration of loss. In a bardo state you realize a penetratedness; of total expelledness into instant connected space; ones connectedness to all flows inside self, you can live dead to worldly things.

Love as graviton is what disappears all into itself; and “I” awareness is; and what’s not, is left behind; so you are what is absolute. Several quantum forces interact in a lattice/matrix continuously causing into existence spaces ever smaller than a Jubb second. Love as gravity causes lifecolloid confluence in infinite space. Your body and consciousness interacts with liberated being and ones gross body is associated with the formation of these black holes to come to be in the heart chamber; all interacts and is combined to be entered into negative time for perpetual living now timelessly.

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