Kikuo Chishima on Neo-Haematology (Pleomorphism)

From Wiki on Kikuo Chishima: further developed and researched by Dr David Jubb.

Chishima’s ideas concerning cellular theory can be seen as novel extensions of some of the more obscure theories that emerged during the Lysenko era in Russia, like those of O. B. Lepeshinskaya, head of Soviet medicine under Stalin, whose cellular theories Chishima made extensive reference to. Neo-Haematology embraces the same discredited principles as Lepeshinskaya’s cellular theories. Its 8 ‘revolutionary principles’ are as follows:

* Red blood corpuscles with polipotency differentiate into all kinds of somatic cells and germ cells, in accordance with their cellular environmental conditions (milieu).
* Reversible differentiation between the red blood corpuscles and the fixed cellular elements under the different nutritional conditions or the developmental stages.
* Bacteria and viruses arise spontaneously from organic matter by means of the AFD process (Aggregation, Fusion and Differentiation).
* Cells increase in number, mainly by the new-formation of them from organic matter but not by the so-called mitotic cell division.
* Haematopoietic organ of the red corpuscle is not the bone marrow but the intestinal villus in the adult and the placental villus in the embryonic stage.
* Orthodox genetics contains some basic mistakes. For instance, according to my finding, the germ cells such as spermatozoa and the ova arise newly from the somatic element, the red blood corpuscles.
* Darwinism involves some important contradictions of the origin of life, the mutation theory, existence of micro-organisms (amoebae, bacteria) which remained as they were without evolution, and then the negligence of symbiosis (mutual aid) as an important evolutional factor, etc.
* I have presented a new scientific methodology, bio-dialectic instead of formal logic or material dialectic.

(All from Chishima, 1972).

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