14 Day Lifefood Nutritional Fast – DAY 2 by Jacqueline

DAY 2 of the Lifefood Nutritional Fast started early. I woke up and did a castor oil pack for 1 hr and relaxed. Taking the opportunity to massage the liver and gall bladder and percussion of those organs. Then did a 30 minute meditation.

Started with the baking soda/epsom salt drink (1 tsp of each with a squirt of lemon). Again went to the bathroom shortly after. Not completely liquid so will be increasing the amount of evauease. Dr Jubb calls for 4 liquid bowel movement. I have a history of eating disorder issues resulting in a slow metabolism. In previous fasts I have taken the baking soda/epsom salt mix up to 4 times to achieve this. You have to guage based on your own needs.

8am For breakfast I had an energy ginseng tea (knowing I would be going to Bikram class and wanted an extra boost). I added a small amount of honey, and seed milk (chia, sunflower, pumpkin, flax and walnuts with sea salt, and coconut butter). Followed that up with herbs: 1 tsp digest aid and 1 tsp evacuease on a slice of pear).

Went off to a Bikram Class.

11:30 am Apple cider vinegar drink.

12:30pm Electrolyte Lemonade with a few blueberries blended in to the regular recipe. Then followed with herbs: 1 tsp evacuease, 1/2 tsp digest aid with coconut butter and honey.

2pm Apple cider vinegar drink

4pm 1/2 tsp digest aid, 1/2 tsp evacuease. Put each powdered herb into a strawberry with top caught off.

6pm Electrolyte lemonade. Chai tea with seed milk.

8pm Blended soup I will call Green Soup.

Green Soup Recipe:

1/2 Broccoli
3 stalks of celery
1/4 onion
5 basil leaves
1/4 red pepper
1 tsp honey
1/4 pear
1 tbsp coconut butter
2 tbsp flax seeds
1 tsp ginger
sea salt to taste

Blended all with charged water to desired thickness. I heated it slightly (just enough to put baby finger in soup.) I added sprouted quinoa on top with a little olive oil, cumin and a squeeze of lemon.

9:30pm 1/2 tsp digest aid, 1/2 tsp evauease. Baking soda/epsom salt drink with squeeze of lemon.

Off to bed to relax and a nice soothing castor oil pack. Tomorrow will be a flush day…


About Jacqueline

A dedicated Bikram yoga practitioner and also grateful to be teaching Bikram yoga. A completely inspired lifefoodarian that is constantly awakening to the succinct and direct information on the inner workings of the body and the path to higher levels of awareness through nutrition that has been brought to the forefront by Dr David Jubb.
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