14 Day Lifefood Nutritional Fast – (Flush Day) DAY 3 by Jacqueline

DAY 3 of the Nutritional Fast is slightly modified. Normally this would be another preparation day for the flush but I will not be able to do a flush on a weekday so I will do it today. I have been on lifefood for over a year and eating lightly over the past couple of months so I believe I will still be successful in getting out some stones.

I started my day early with a 60 minute castor oil pack. This is an important part of getting out the stones and to do them 3 or more times a day if possible. I also massaged the liver and gall bladder. Then I had my epsom salt/baking soda mix with lemon. I am getting to the 4 liquid bowel movements per day and this is important to be empty so the stones will pass.

7am herbs: digest aide, evacuease on a slice of fruit. (sometimes later in the day I will take herbs with coconut butter and honey but as I am flushing I want to keep it light). EZ tea with a little honey and some seed milk.

Off to teach a Bikram Yoga class

11 am Apple cider vinegar drink. Some more tea (this EZ tea seems to really be helping with reducing appetite)

12:30 Herbs: 1/3 tsp evacuease on slice of pear. I had a big glass of Electrolyte lemonade and I sprinkled some cayanne on the top to get the circulation moving I also took 2 100 mg niacin (flushing type) capsule. I break them open and put it in my mouth and let it dissolve. I proceeded to become bright red :). This is something to work up to so start with 50 mg and see how it goes. Castor oil Pack for an hour

1pm Herbs: 1/3 digest aid

2pm At this point it is good to have some things prepared. The coffee for the coffee enema should have been steeping from the night before. I use caffeinated because I want (need maybe better word) a lot of stimulation. Also I have my lemon juice already measured out to 2 oz and my olive oil measured to 7 oz to flush the gall bladder (also this is worked up to and depends on your size. Recommended is 6 to 8 oz). I put the oil and lemon in a measuring cup and then drink it down. Just a straight shot. Some sip it. Some blend it. But for me I just get it over with.

2-3pm Lie comfortably on right side with 3 pillows under my hip with a castor oil pack and RELAX! This time I felt slightly nauseous so the relaxing was welcome. I couldn’t even imagine massaging my liver and gall bladder. I bring the coffee with me and have my enema bag ready.

3pm Coffee enema. I try to do it with a completely full 2 quart bag. The idea is to hold it in for 15 minutes and massage the intestinal tract from right to left following the ascending colon, transverse colon and then the descending colon. It was easy for me to maintain it for 15 minutes, probably because I started so empty. Good sign that stones will be coming.

4:30pm Herbs: digest aid, evacuese with slice of fruit. Feeling ok but really would rather go back to laying down. Sooooo back I go with another castor oil pack.

Relax and massage the liver and gall bladder area. listen to some Dr Jubb information. This day was a much needed day of relaxing mixed in with the flushing.

7:30 Have some more electrolyte lemonade and make an incredible soup I am calling the Lifefood Earth soup.Some people are not hungry at all at this point and that is ok. I was a little hungry so had a little soup.


1/2 Acorn Squash
4 celery stalks
1/4 onion
4 tbsp sesame seeds
4 tbsp sunflower seeds
4 tbsp olive oil
celtic sea salt
1 tsp honey
t tsp cumin
1 tsp curry
1 tsp turmeric
1 tsp earthmate herbs (this is a jubb blend of various mushrooms)

I blended it all with some water. Sprinkled with hemp seeds and a little turmeric and curry and some olive oil and squirt of lemon. Very earthy and good.

9pm herbs: digest aid, evacuease and another castor oil pack before going to bed.

Tomorrow morning is the time when the stones should come out …….



About Jacqueline

A dedicated Bikram yoga practitioner and also grateful to be teaching Bikram yoga. A completely inspired lifefoodarian that is constantly awakening to the succinct and direct information on the inner workings of the body and the path to higher levels of awareness through nutrition that has been brought to the forefront by Dr David Jubb.
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