14 Day Lifefood Nutritional Fast – DAY 4 by Jacqueline

Stones after the flush day on Jubb's 14 day Lifefood Nutritional fast

Liver/Gall Bladder stones

DAY 4 of the Nutritional Fast. This is the day after the gall bladder flush and I am looking for stones!!! And I was not disappointed. I started going to the bathroom at about 4 am and had a couple of large stones, several medium and 100 or so tiny ones. This continued several times more so I was lucky to release 100’s of stones. I credit this to eating predominately lifefood for a couple of months, plus being pretty much empty the three days before. I am also doing a steady regimen of DSMO and MSM to help with my Bikram postures and healing sciatica. These products have been touted as being helpful in dissolving calcium phosphate in the body. So definitely a success!!

Now back to preparing for the next flush day which will be the following Saturday as my work schedule does not allow for a flush day during the week.

7am herbs: digest aid, evacuease with slice of pear. EZ tea with a little honey and some nut milk. I am feeling a little nauseous so I don’t want to take much.

10 am. apple cider vinegar drink. More EZ tea. Have this at work so I am really just sipping it throughout the morning. Not feeling hungry at all and really noticing a big reduction of inflammation around the hips and stomach. People have actually asked me how much weight have I lost. Really I haven’t lost any weight but I am noticing my pants are looser.

12pm herbs: evacuease, digest aid with coconut butter and honey. Electrolyte drink with raspberries blended in (yummy)

4 pm: Apple cider drink, evacuease and digest aid with coconut butter.

7pm: castor oil pack. I used the method of wrapping it in saran wrap so that I can do some other things at the same time. This can be effective if you are able to go to work with some loose clothing. You can wear it all day.

8pm: Made the most amazing soup. Creamy Tomato with Basil Pesto Dollop


10 to 15 cherry tomatoes
1 cup of seed milk (this was made with chia, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin and a couple of walnuts, salt)
4 stalks of celery
5 or 6 raspberries (to eliminate any additional sweetener)
1 clove garlic
several sprigs of oregano leaves
1/4 red pepper
1/8 of onion

Blended all of these and served warm (finger tip touch is just enough to maintain enzyme life). I put a dollop of basil pesto sauce in the middle. I added some olive oil, some hemp seeds and a few more leaves of oregano. Sooooo good…

Really feeling incredibly good. Not hungry at all. I feel very clear headed and focused. Had an amazingly difficult day at work and it really didn’t effect me the way it may have before. I feel very connected to my inner self. I am remembering the times I have done the cleanse before and how these subtle feelings come back stronger and stronger as one progresses in the cleanse. These things that are our human right to experience and draw on and which become pushed down out of our reach from addiction to food that is really acting as a drug, keeping us from living our full potential…

Off to some more herbs (digest aid and evacuease) and a relaxing castor oil pack with some heat…

About Jacqueline

A dedicated Bikram yoga practitioner and also grateful to be teaching Bikram yoga. A completely inspired lifefoodarian that is constantly awakening to the succinct and direct information on the inner workings of the body and the path to higher levels of awareness through nutrition that has been brought to the forefront by Dr David Jubb.
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