14 Day Lifefood Nutritional Fast Update – by Misscee

just an update as to how I’m getting along on the Cleanse…

* prep for flush taken longer than 3 days as wasn’t getting the 4 LBM required pre flush, thankfully read through Jacqueline’s blog and messaged Will for advice ~ take baking soda + epsom salts, and so this took a couple of days to figure out when and how often.

* I didn’t seem to be able to stick to the timetable and wonder how vital this is? but I did try to leave the right amount of time between each step.

* I’m a newbie to Lifefood and so have a limited repertoire. I’ve had some nice soups … and some not so nice! too watery and so at least I know to cut down on the liquid. I like the pesto I made it’s a nice flavour addition. Everything with kale added turns green! Have not yet worked out where to put the nuts (other than sesame and hemp)

* Think it would be easier to prep food/soup things in a morning, though who would have thought simply chopping a few veg would be time consuming? I’m sure this will improve with practice.

* Flush day! morning went relatively smoothly, I had 250mg of niacin but think I will cut this back to 100mg as really did look sunburned-! I drank 7.5oz of oil which wasn’t too bad and really tried to keep warm and relaxed but it was -1 in the UK and restricted heating, so probably not as comfortable as I could have been. Used 2-3 tbsp coffee in 7.5 cups of water – wasn’t able to take all water in one go or hold in for very long ?? wonder if I had any stones to release and if they will come out anyway? Or should be avoided at all costs? I’ve heard if they get stuck they can cause more harm? Would taking the baking soda and epsom salt the following morning flush these through? Felt my heart thumping and a bit dizzy – was it the coffee or niacin?

* Survived my first attempt, and after settling back into the swing of things and after having a thick soup and crackers felt more centered.

* My attempt to make flax crackers yesterday (was missing chewing) was a learning curve, I used flax seeds (split not the ground type though I will do in future as were the bought ones I’d ordered) tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, garlic, basil and pinch of salt, spread the mixture onto greaseproof paper and put in oven on 115. Disaster… I had let them dry out too far without turning them and they stuck to the paper- will only be doing that the once! The little corner I managed to retrieve was real tasty and so there is hope for a second batch.

* I think a shopping list of essentials and likely quantities needed to last the duration would be helpful – I was lucky enough to have much of what was required. I feel as though I’m being a little conservative with the castor oil (Will said to use loads!) and am truly grateful for the epsom salts and baking soda I had in the cupboard.


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