14 Day Lifefood Nutritional Fast: Why I am doing the fast – by Misscee

My reason for doing the cleanse… I attended the seminar in London which took place via Skype and then got the book Cellular Rejuvenation as this was exactly what I was looking for!

My health challenge is ms- multiple sclerosis and all along I have felt that its my stomach that was not right/ out of kilter and then after watching the recordings of brain of the gut #1 and #2 it just made sense that this was the route to take. Others who have cured themselves also did it through diet and liver cleansing but Dr Jubb’s knowledge on this topic far exceeds anything else I have read or heard.

Symptoms I would like to improve… I have been using diet and other therapies to help me improve over the years and so these are the things I would like to eliminate.

* ms hug around ribs and lungs (it a constant 24/7 band of tightness)

* dry eyes nose and throat it also feels as though the colon is dry and the body is not getting the signal to release/evacuate

* ability to orgasm – this was mentioned in ‘brain of the gut’ so I will go back and listen again, I think choline was mentioned with this…

* the ability to run/jog at the moment can only walk and that gets very labored if cold or tired

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