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Articles that have bearing on Dr Jubb’s research and theories.

Chemical Dumbing Down of Society – Dr Russell Blaylock

Dr Russell Blaylock speaks on the effects of chemicals on the brain in particular MSG and Aspartame. Creating a dumbing down of society to keep people under control. Dr Blaylock is a retired neurosurgeon, and author of the book Excitotoxins: … Continue reading

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Kikuo Chishima on Neo-Haematology (Pleomorphism)

From Wiki on Kikuo Chishima: further developed and researched by Dr David Jubb. Chishima’s ideas concerning cellular theory can be seen as novel extensions of some of the more obscure theories that emerged during the Lysenko era in Russia, like … Continue reading

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Urine Therapy

  Your Own Perfect Medicine   by Martha Christy   You may think that when it comes to alternative health therapies – you’ve heard it all. But there is one natural therapy you’ve probably never heard of – even though … Continue reading

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